Our Philosophy

All our programs are individualized and designed around our client’s needs and practices. While some may mirror others, none are cookie cutter and all are developed with our client’s risk management and executive teams involved. We get to know not only your business but also your claims philosophy and then merge it with ours to develop a program that yields the results we desire and the goals we set. When it comes to our philosophy, it spans across all the lines of coverages we handle.

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Taking Clients Into Self-Insured Status

Use of Experts

ACA enjoys excellent working relationships with many types of experts. Defense counsel, engineers, forensic accountants, cause and origin experts, nurse case managers, IME Physicians, risk managers, and risk analysts. While we don’t keep any as employees, we do use our relationships to get discounts in services for our clients when an expert is required. We find this is the most cost effective way to do things for our clients. It also allows us the ability to team up with any preferred vendors our clients may have. Because of these relationships and partnerships, we often have the answers to complicated questions at our fingertips, at no additional cost to the client when the claim doesn’t warrant it.


Internal Benchmarks


Closing claims 10% faster than any competitor.

Cost Effective

Reducing claims handling costs by 15-20% annually.

Risk Management

Reducing clients' overall claims exposures by 5-10% each year barring client growth.

Save Money

Reducing expert and legal costs by 5-10% by having our adjusters go the extra mile and handle all aspects of the claim they can and assist experts and counsel once retained.

Contact Us

We encourage all claims to be assigned through our centralized e-mail address designated for that purpose. All claims will be routed appropriately from here.

  • 888.691.1095
  • 501.325.1697
  • 1201 Military Road, Suite 223 Benton, AR 72015


Cost Effective

We understand the rising costs of doing business and the need to be able to outsource claims. At ACA you get the benefit of a state of the art multi-faceted firm, but with the benefit of a small and career oriented team looking long term and at the big picture. Our relationship must be mutually beneficial to work. Accordingly, you will find our pricing plans extremely competitive and flexible. Our goals are to be the best at what we do and to hear you say you can’t find a better level of service at any price.

We encourage you to contact us to see if we may be a good fit for one another. If we both feel good about the opportunity then we are confident our pricing will make it cost effective to retain us as your TPA.

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